Book Review: A Light in the Darkness

While in graduate school, I moved away from pleasure reading while in because any time spent reading for fun was taking away from research and writing. It was a bad habit/mindset I allowed myself to fall into and wanting to change. In order to shift into reading more books again, I am trying to read and review one book a month that relates to the blog’s theme. January is about finding ways to make small improvements with a chronic illness, so it made sense to review Lisa A. Sniderman’s book A Light in the Darkness.

Lisa details her journey through the diagnosis, coping with a chronic illness and the roadblocks the illness places before her. Lisa also highlights the importance of making simple changes as a means of healing and coping with the illness. I rather enjoyed reading Lisa’s story and hopefully you will take the opportunity to do so as well.


Highlighting MS Symptoms

In Wednesday’s post, I highlighted a typical day with MS for me. I didn’t go into much detail of what it was like with each of my symptoms, but I wanted to spend the rest of the month focusing each post on a different symptom I’ve experienced in my MS journey.