Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory or Mediterranean Diet

Considering an anti-inflammatory or Mediterranean diet for personal wellness is worth it. Why? Because of its numerous health benefits: anti-aging, heart health, and helping recover after exercise to name a few.

Drinking Probiotics

Fermented tea that tastes like vinegar? Sounds gross. But when you look at the health benefits of Kombucha and some of the delicious flavors available, this 1,000-year old drink is worth another look.

Checking In: Adapting Eating Habits

One of the primary goals of this blog was to track my eating habits to manage my MS. I have found that some of the adjustments worked, but other adjustments harder to maintain because certain physical needs were not being met.

Resetting the Holiday Excess

Holidays can wreak havoc on our eating habits. Sometimes it’s important to hit that reset button to give our body a much needed break.

Confession Time…

It’s the holiday season and that makes it very difficult to maintain any form of stick-to-it-tiv-ness when it comes to healthy habits. Exercising is harder with the colder weather and my running buddy is taking a slight break because of the holidays. It’s very hard to push yourself to get out of bed at 6am … Read More