Parenting with a Disability

Parenting without a disability is difficult and parenting with one presents its own unique challenges. With some adaptations, parenting with a disability is no harder than parenting without one. The key is to know what the limits are, having a support system of some sort to help manage those limitations, and keeping everything in proper perspective.


Compassionate Parenting: Mindfulness and the Child

Being a toddler is hard, so it is up to parents to take the time to understand life from their little one’s perspective and be compassionate to needs. Incorporating compassion in parenting helps de-escalate potentially volatile situations.

Parenting with Compassion: Remembering the Caretaker

It’s easy to forget about ourselves when taking care of our children. Forgetting to eat here, not getting a shower there, but the most insidious thing we forget is to be kind to ourselves. It is extremely important to take the time to remember that we are deserving of self-care and love especially when we make mistakes as parents. This week will be about learning to incorporate compassion into our own parenting styles.

Mother nursing her toddler in a rocker

Gentle Parenting and the Bedtime Routine

Using a gentle parenting nighttime routine can help minimize stress, keep bedtime fun, and get them to sleep faster. Being consistent with the routine and following your child’s lead and needs ensures less struggle when it is time for bed. This post highlights our personal routine with suggestions of what works for us.

Gentle Parenting

Gentle parenting is about raising a child with their individual patterns, needs, and behaviors in mind. The ultimate goal for the gentle parent is to raise a child that respects themselves and the world around them.