About the Blog

I created the MS Mommy Blog to chronicle my journey through motherhood, healthy living, and managing my Multiple Sclerosis (MS)MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system and though there are several different types of MS, my current status is a benign form of Relapse-Remitting (RRMS).

RRMS means that whenever I experience a “flare up”, “relapse” or “exacerbation” I have a high chance of recovering functionality to pre-flare up levels. The longer I live with MS, my chances of developing Secondary Progressive (SPMS) increase and while it is not a guarantee that I will transition into this more debilitating form of MS, there are things that I can do to decrease my chances and minimize the impact of this transition.

For many, the best option to manage RRMS is through disease-modifying therapies or drugs. There are many medications on the market that help minimize the impact of each exacerbation: I have personal experience with Copaxone and Tecfidera.

My last drug-course was Tecfidera.¬† I had to temporarily halt taking the drug due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Studies are currently inconclusive on the drug’s impact on a fetus and newborn, therefore it was recommended that I go without a drug regimen until I conclude breastfeeding. As of January 2020, I am back on the DMT Tecfidera.

Beyond drug therapies, the other way to manage MS is to make lifestyle changes.

While taking a Disease-Modifying Therapy, I want to complement the regimen by making simple changes through diet, exercise, personal growth, and mental stimulation. MS Mommy Blog follows this journey of lifestyle changes and whether they make a difference in my disease management.

All actions taken or discussed in this blog will be backed up with science, studies, and links when available. As a researcher, providing evidence for decisions/arguments is extremely important to my personal ethos and I want all my readers to make decisions for themselves with all the information like I did.

Additionally, I will be examining what it means to be a mother (for me) and all that goes along with modeling healthy eating habits, plenty of exercises, and positive attitudes to a young human being.

What you will find on this blog:

  • Exercise schedules and routines
  • Healthy recipes for adults and children
  • Personal affirmations that help keep me motivated
  • Personal stories relating to MS, motherhood, and womanhood
  • Personal recommendations

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your personal thoughts, reactions, and recommendations.

Unless otherwise stated: all images on this blog are either from Shutterstock, Unsplash, Michelle Melton, Canva, or my personal photographs. Please do not use without permission.