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Cast of Characters

Ash: My husband of 6+ years. We met at a friend’s birthday party and started dating not long afterwards. Eloped 3 years later and just had our first child, Jai, in 2016. Ash was with me when I had my first exacerbation and stuck by my side throughout the diagnosis and recovery process. He works in the library at a local university, and is an amazingly attentive partner and father, and a huge geek.

Jai: Our 1-year-old son. Super chill, curious, and loves to observe the world at large. He’s the impetus for making major lifestyle changes and for tracking them on this blog.

Mom/Nonni: My mother and running partner. Great friend and an amazing grandmother to Jai. She doesn’t take any lip and has a surprisingly dark sense of humor at all the right times.

Dad/Grampy: My father and co-conspirator for trouble making. Hard worker and takes many, many, MANY pictures of Jai. Many.