Celebrating Motherhood

In the United States, during the month of May, we take a day to celebrate mothers. All the work they do, all the care they provide: it’s a chance for children to celebrate and thank their mothers in a special way.

Because motherhood is the third-prong of MS//Mommy’s mission, next to healthy living and living with MS, I wanted to spend the month talking about mothers and some of the aspects that go into motherhood.

I am hoping to make this a theme for every May, so to kick off my first year, I am focusing on some concepts near and dear to my heart: the beginning stages of motherhood and all I have learned about it. In subsequent years I hope to examine other aspects of motherhood in greater detail that may be missed or overlooked this year.

So what is this month going to look like?

What to Expect for the Month of May

Be on the lookout for posts that range from trying to conceive to the trimesters; from giving birth to breastfeeding. I am sticking with what I am familiar with this year and some of these posts will address motherhood and MS as well.

I am super excited that several posts will be featuring stories and advice from other mothers with the information they wish they knew before getting pregnant, having a newborn, and raising a toddler. I found that as I went through each stage there was a gap in my knowledge and a lack of awareness of that gap. I wanted to compile recommendations to provide for other mothers who might be in a similar situation.

What I will be striving to do throughout the month: presenting a non-judgmental look at motherhood. Everyone approaches motherhood differently and what might work for one person may not work (or seem off) to another. Unless there is a clear and present danger for the child, there really isn’t a wrong way to approach motherhood, rather it may be considered unorthodox. With that in mind, throughout the month I will be encouraging constructive discussion surrounding motherhood.

This will be a month filled with personal stories, recommendations, and taking the time to appreciate our mothers and all they’ve done for us. So let’s take the rest of May and celebrate motherhood!

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