Checking In: Southern Fried Goodness

This was a rather rough week for me.

I finally got sick with the cold Ash and Jai had.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, but as predicted, it made me crave fried, comfort foods more than normal. Wednesday was the hardest day for me with the cold and the cravings. It took a huge effort to not ask Ash to grab some fries on his way home or order take out that had some form of golden, fried goodness.

Not having my comfort go-to while fighting a head cold made me more creative, but I  found that my actual hunger levels were extremely low. I wanted to eat fried foods, but I wasn’t actually hungry for it. I don’t think it was cold related but boiled down to something I like to have when I am feeling bad. I also think it might have been a salt craving since fried foods tend to also be salty, so I grabbed some pretzels and called it a day.

To help with comfort foods and treating the cold, I opted for noodles with chicken (not quite chicken noodle soup) and a fruit ice “cream” (I blended frozen fruits until they were the same consistency as ice cream) to soothe my throat. Throat teas with lemon and honey, and turmeric infused kombucha to help alleviate symptoms.

Being sick distracted me from really observing my cravings, but unlike the other weeks, I am still dealing with my fried foods cravings today. I found that even with sugar, I was done craving it by the 3rd day in. Meat held on a little longer, but as I am typing this and contemplating how the week went, I am craving chicken wings. We’re going to a street festival tomorrow and Ash is going to want to eat from food trucks which tend to have a lot of fried goodies.

I am not going to stop him or begrudge him – Ash has a right to make whatever diet decisions he wants to make. I actually get annoyed when he feels guilty about eating something in front of me: I am not forcing these changes on him so I want him to enjoy eating whatever he wants. I try to explain this to him, but he is still worried about upsetting me. I do find it sweet and endearing.

HOWEVER. He did say to me this morning that he lost some weight around his waist because he’s following my diet while in the house. He seemed pretty pleased with this information.

Reading food truck cravings: to help manage those, and future cravings, I am going to bring snacks with me. If I fill up on nuts or crackers, I might be able to resist nibbling on something Ash gets for himself. Feeding Jai will help too because I tend to split whatever I get with him and I am more prone to pick a healthier option.

I am going to keep an eye on these cravings as I feel better and do an updated check-in in a few weeks to see how it’s going. I suspect this habit is going to take a little longer to kick than the others because it stems from a deeper place than just simple food for fuel.

Next week is piling on the yuck: no more dairy. I love me some cheese, cheese, cheese. I’ve dropped ice cream because of the sugar and that used to be my Achilles heel when it came to going dairy free, but now it’s the cheese. I may have to get something with cheese at the festival tomorrow and go out in style.

No Sugar Update

Quick update because this is sugar related: yesterday I went to a Diwali celebration at a local Temple. I was given some sweets and took a small nibble, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. I found that for the rest of the evening I had a mild tension headache. It started up within minutes of eating that small bite. It was rather surprising, I hadn’t expected to have a reaction like that.

I will have to examine why my body responded with a headache. Perhaps crashing? Allergy? Sensitivity? It’s a great reaction to have if it helps keep me away from sugar in the future.

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