Checking In: Where’s the Beef?

Removing red meat from my diet was harder for me psychologically than dropping sugar. I didn’t think I was as dependent on beef or pork as Ash, but we had some leftover pizza with bacon and I had to stop myself from grabbing a slice Monday afternoon. I also found that every time I drove past a fast food place, I was more tempted to swing in and grab something than normal. Stopping for fast food is typically not a temptation at all and this week it was.

I suspect it is another case of personal prohibition that makes it rougher for me because I can’t, not because I need it. To help manage the red meat cravings I had chicken and salmon as a means to get my protein along with lentils and brown rice. This makes me think that when I drop chicken and fish it will be just as difficult.

Maybe worse, because I love me some sushi and poke.

This week was a little more hectic than normal because Ash caught a nasty cold from a  trip to a popular tourist destination. So half of my week was spent taking care of Ash and watching after Jai.

With Ash completely out of commission for two days this week, it may have made it easier to deal with the loss of beef/pork. I wasn’t able to really take the time to think about it as much as I’d like, other than I wish I could grab something quick to eat that would fill me up and meat tends to do that. I had to sit and think about what I would use to fuel myself through the week and sometimes it was too much.

Fortunately, I had a frozen yam, lentil, and polenta casserole in the freezer that I could thaw and bake on the fly. Jai loves the yams, and it is tasty enough to keep me going.

Ash is on the rebound, though Jai has picked the cold. I am hoping it will pass quickly and that I don’t get it. I know I will be able to take care of Jai because I have to, but I really don’t know what that will look like without my usual food go-to comforts. Particularly since we’re fast approaching next week’s diet shift and that is a group of food that I use whenever I need personal comfort: fried foods.

Whenever I am stressed, tired, or feeling emotional – I reach for something fried. When I am sick I want fries, wings, and donuts. Donuts should be easy because I’ve already given up sweets, but fries and wings will be more difficult because if I am sick, I’ll have Ash order take-out that is loaded up with the fried deliciousness.

Hopefully I won’t get sick and if I do, chicken soup will be enough comfort food for me.

No-Sugar Update

I am still doing well without sugar, I was able to satisfy my chocolate cravings by having a few bites from Jai’s smash cake (Ash was kind enough to salvage some non-squashed pieces). I am noticing that fruit is getting sweeter and just a few pieces satisfy the sugar need which wasn’t always the case. Sometimes, when I was craving sweetness and trying to make healthy choices by selecting fruit, I could eat an apple or two. Now one apple is enough or a few bites of sweet grapes will satisfy my cravings.

Additionally, I have noticed that I’ve dropped a few pounds. It wasn’t a lot, but enough to be encouraging even if I wasn’t actively trying to lose the weight.  My BMI is in a range that I am not proud of, but my priority is health and energy, so losing the weight would always be a secondary benefit. But seeing that scale go down a few pounds is gratifying.

I am also noticing that my L’Hermitte’s Sign diminishing: every time I bend my neck down, an electrical shooting sensation travels from my neck down my spine in a way that interferes with my quality of life (meaning: it’s an annoying reminder that I have MS). Since the beginning of last week, I notice it either less or it doesn’t happen every single time. Whether that is related to dropping sugar or that I am managing my stress better is unclear. But I am not complaining.

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