Confession Time…

It’s the holiday season and that makes it very difficult to maintain any form of stick-to-it-tiv-ness when it comes to healthy habits. Exercising is harder with the colder weather and my running buddy is taking a slight break because of the holidays. It’s very hard to push yourself to get out of bed at 6am to go run in the cold.

Regarding my diet drops, I will admit I have lapsed. On a lot of things. Almost everything. Except sugar and fried foods. Sugar gives me such massive headaches that I can’t function for the rest of the day depending on how much I have and I think I have finally kicked the fried-food monkey. I don’t want to go through the psychological withdrawal again because of how difficult it was to get over.

I don’t consider any of this backsliding to be a failure. In fact, I consider it self-care. While I shouldn’t excuse myself for not meeting my personal goals, if I use this as a reminder that I can’t expect perfection and to be gentle with myself if I miss certain personal benchmarks, I won’t get discouraged.

Discouragement because of not meeting personal goals can spell the end of what is overall a positive and beneficial experience. I just need to maintain the mantra: tomorrow is another day and I can refocus once this “rough” period is over.

There are two main reasons for the “backsliding”.

First reason was that we went to visit Ash’s family for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and mellow experience all the way around. Jai handled both plane rides so well that it gave me the confidence to consider taking more plane trips with him in the near future.

I had previously maintained that I didn’t want to fly with him until he was potty-trained and could understand what was going on. I was afraid of the air-pressure hurting his ears and not being able to explain what was going on. I should never have doubted my child: he’s going to teach me how to be more mellow because he’s so chill.

Prior to taking the trip, I decided to do several things: not stress out about my diet and to cross two items off my bucket list.

I didn’t want to arrive at my in-laws with this list of demands: “I am a gluten-free, vegan, no sugar added, and no fried-foods. Cater to me.” I was worried that it would make for a stressful experience not just for me but for Ash’s parents. I didn’t want to have to constantly ask: does this have dairy? does this have sugar? does this have meat products?

So what I did is ate within my diet as much as I could, but also enjoyed eating deliciously cheesy Wisconsin popcorn and my mother-in-law’s brined Turkey.

We also relaxed some of our own eating standards for Jai and he got his first taste of pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. I made regular, old-fashioned pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert (Ash told me it was delicious) and Jai was a fan. He loves his sweet potatoes so it wasn’t unexpected.

Jai, in fact, ate every single thing placed in front of him: pepper fry, black dal, seasoned cabbage, radish with onion, chicken biryani, all of the Thanksgiving dinner, and a multitude of other delicious foods his grandmother made. He tried everything regardless of spice level and seemed to enjoy all of it (though he would stick out his tongue when the spice got to be too much as if to cool his mouth down). It surprised all of us with his tolerance and open-mindedness to try whatever was put in front of him.

I also ran an 8k (5 miles) on Thanksgiving day. I’ve always wanted to run a race in a different state AND run something on Thanksgiving Day. Milwaukee doesn’t have any half-marathons in the city, so this was the longest distance run I could find.


Obligatory selfie. Waiting for the race to start.

I actually achieved a Personal Record (PR) with this Thanksgiving run. Previously, during my training, I’ve run 5 miles at 1:05. But those are with Georgia hills. Because this was during cooler weather and almost completely flat, I wanted to see if I could get the 5 miles under an hour. I did: 59:16. I am hoping I can get it down to ~50:00 for next Thanksgiving. To say that I was proud of myself is an understatement.


Post run. They handed out cinnamon buns, but I gave mine to my father-in-law. 

Second reason for having a difficult time maintaining the diet: it’s cold season. I came back from Wisconsin with a sinus infection and Ash is currently battling a really nasty viral/bacterial infection. Fortunately, with enough neti pot flushes, chamomile tea with honey, and resting self-care I was able to beat my sinus infection in record time.

Ash is taking a little longer. Chasing Jai around all day and trying to take care of Ash means that when it comes to lunch/dinner, if we don’t have anything to make a complete meal in the house, we get delivery. I still make conscious decisions of what to feed Jai and what to eat in front of him, but because I have no control over what’s going in the dish, it’s higher in sodium and possibly breaking several of my diet drops without even knowing it.

Once everyone is healthy again, I will be back to maintaining my lifestyle shift as much as possible through the holiday season. But we have some holiday traditions that I want Jai to experience as he grows up and that means I can’t be strict about my eating for a couple of days.

All of that being said, I am going to take a break from posting about my diet shifts until 2018. I think January 1st I will do a 7-10 day Ayurvedic detox/cleanse to kick off the new year and hop right back into my eating habits as if there wasn’t a slip-up blip.

In the meantime, I will continue my informational, recipes, encouragement, and observation posts.

I have to say: it’s good to be back on track and writing again.


Note: Image credit goes to By Breville USA (Black Bean & Sweet Potato Soup 5of6 BSC560XL) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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