How to be Active in the MS Community

You don’t have to have MS to be active in the community, nor do you need to be aggressive in your activism. Getting involved to fight MS can take many different roles: spreading awareness on social media, joining lobbying groups, joining a social networking group, or starting your own fundraiser. Or it may be supporting your loved one who has MS by being present for them.

Whatever the level of involvement makes you an activist and appreciated by the MS community.

I have compiled several different ways you can get involved based on abilities or interest level below. All of these suggestions are geared towards North American activism, but some are global in nature. Check locally to see what opportunities your country might have for you.

Active Involvement

If you are like me and love to exercise, the National MS Society has a lot of fundraising opportunities available that relate to running/walking. Unfortunately for me, they do not have a lot of options in the Southeast. I am hoping that will change someday:

Passive Involvement

Sometimes getting active is hard or not possible due to time constraints. Below are more passive (but equally important) ways you can help raise awareness about MS.

Grow Your Community

One of the keys to personal success is to develop your support network. This does not need to be in-person, although that helps, it can also be online as well. I was surprised at all the resources available for building an online MS community.

*I do not endorse, nor do was I compensated for any of these links. I am providing possible resources.*

What do you do to develop your MS support system? What level of activism feels comfortable for you? Share your experiences and thoughts below.

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