Book Review: A Light in the Darkness

While in graduate school, I moved away from pleasure reading while in because any time spent reading for fun was taking away from research and writing. It was a bad habit/mindset I allowed myself to fall into and wanting to change. In order to shift into reading more books again, I am trying to read and review one book a month that relates to the blog’s theme. January is about finding ways to make small improvements with a chronic illness, so it made sense to review Lisa A. Sniderman’s book A Light in the Darkness.

Lisa details her journey through the diagnosis, coping with a chronic illness and the roadblocks the illness places before her. Lisa also highlights the importance of making simple changes as a means of healing and coping with the illness. I rather enjoyed reading Lisa’s story and hopefully you will take the opportunity to do so as well.

Book Review: Free to Learn

I independently wanted to review a book I’m reading that highlights the importance of play as a means of learning in children. I did not receive compensation for this post.


I Hate Self-Improvement

I’ve finally addressed what I’ve been thinking and I’m sure you’ve also been thinking: I hate self-improvement.

Joking aside, self-improvement does stink because it moves us into a space of feeling uncomfortable with ourselves. As I discussed in Monday’s book review, Bishop talks about how when we get ourselves into higher-risk situations, i.e. out of our comfort zones, we become risk-adverse wanting to stick with what we know. But when we do that, we don’t grow.


Balance & Harmony in Chronic Illness

2020 is now upon us, and that means a new blog theme for the year at MS Mommy Blog. 2020 is the year of vision: think about the importance of 20/20 vision, and the phrase “hindsight is 20/20.” It is also a year of balance, something that happens once a century. With that in mind, I wanted to focus this year’s theme on balance and harmony. While the year itself holds no power, we can use it to remind ourselves of the importance of incorporating balance and harmony in our lives with chronic illness.


2019: A Reflection

2019 was the year of the crucible. I underwent a lot of “lessons” in life; some brought on via self-reflection and others brought on by the natural flow of life. I learned a lot about myself, my capabilities, and where I see myself going in the future. In the three years, I’ve done these posts, it was the most challenging year emotionally, but the easiest year relating to my MS.