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I Wish I Knew: Newborns & Babies

There are things I wish I knew about newborns and babies, but it would take being in the situation before I got a handle on it. I asked some mothers for their best pieces of advice and how they managed the first year with a baby.


How to Self-Reflect as a Parent

Outside of dealing with a chronic illness, if you’re a parent, self-reflection is extremely important, especially if improving your parenting is a goal for the year. But, how do you self-reflect as a parent? What are some of the important steps or changes you should be making? Are there any changes that need to be made?

Passing Compassion Along

Compassion is not fundamental to being human, but the greater compassion (and self-compassion) a person has, the greater their personal success both personally and professionally.  More than self-esteem, teaching compassion will increase a child’s ability to successfully navigate the world.

I Wish I Knew: Toddlers

In this final post of my series “What I Wish I Knew,” I discuss the things I wish I knew about raising a toddler. I’ve asked other mothers to share their experiences and advice when it came to the “terrible twos.”