Speaking Engagements


I am available for speaking engagements at your conference, seminar, workshop, TV & print interviews, or podcast. I have the following experience: public speaking training, former college instructor, and have presented at several academic conferences.

Some of my topics include

  • Coping with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Complementary holistic approaches to a disability
  • Coping with a major health diagnosis
  • Personal wellness (with or without a disability)
  • Steps towards healthy living (with or without a disability)
  • The importance of self-care (with or without a disability)
  • Motherhood (with or without a disability)
  • Self-Compassion & Parenting
  • Gentle Parenting Tips & Techniques
  • Creating healthy habits for parent & child
  • A topic of your choice based on one of the above areas

What you can expect
Depending on the event type or by your request

  • I will customize my talk based on your needs
  • Supplementary handouts
  • Supplementary digital tools for your participants
  • Visual presentations
  • Q & A Sessions

I am currently limited to engagements in the Southeastern United States, but do not hesitate to contact me to see if we can work something out (Skype or other).

Please fill the inquiry form below and I will respond to you promptly.