Week 2: Sweet Tastes

Sugar. My friend. My comfort. What I turned to when I am down; in need of an energy boost; or just because I need the taste of something sweet. Needless to say, this week was going to be the hardest for me to give up.

Sugarcane specifically. There is a distinction between sweetening agents and sugarcane is my favorite. If given a choice between American Coca-Cola and Mexican Coca-Cola, I take the Mexican Coke every single time. High-Fructose Corn Syrup is nice and all, but nothing beats the taste of true sugar.

Sugar in my coffee, sugar in my tea, sugar in my tomato sauce for spaghetti, sugar, sugar, sugar.

You get the point. I add a lot of sugar to the stuff I consume.

I am specifying sugarcane because that seems to be one of the worst offenders to the Western diet. I will allow myself to consume fruits, date syrup, maple syrup, and coconut sugar as added sweeteners to help manage any cravings. But if an item states “sugar” or a version of sugar (HFCS for example) without being more specific in the ingredient list I move on to another item, or make it myself with some substitute.

What I am hoping my long-term outcomes will be when I eliminate sugar this week:

  • Removing “bad” food for my gut flora
  • Boosting my energy
  • Boosting my overall mood
  • Providing a good example for Jai by not going to sugary treats whenever I want (and making healthy alternative choices)
  • Lose weight (this will be a long-term benefit – I don’t anticipate weight dropping immediately)
  • More conscious of what I put into my body

Interestingly, I have both dreaded this week’s diet drop and excited for it. I hate the idea of dropping sugar, but spent the weekend in anticipation of dropping sugar and didn’t binge (especially when I had several opportunities to do so) on it.

I think I am ready to make this transition. Having a relatively positive attitude will help make this particular diet shift easier. Still not looking forward to it.

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